I work with extraordinary people who are making a big impact in the world.

My clients are often:

  • coaches
  • consultants
  • authors
  • speakers
  • thought leaders

(And, they are usually not self-proclaimed rockstars, ninjas, gurus, or wizards.)

My clients are making a huge impact and their business is growing. They can’t (or don’t want to) wear all the hats anymore. Their time is best served creating new content and spreading their message. Not learning how to fix the formatting on their website, design a flyer, or set up an email marketing campaign.

That’s where I can help.

I enjoy partnering with people who have a lot to share with the world. I help them package their message and find the best way to distribute it to a wider audience.

I draw on over fifteen years of experience in graphic design, journalism, web development and marketing – and the wide variety of skill sets I’ve acquired along the way. I’ve helped my clients:

  • Design and self-publish their first book
  • Create templates for a magazine
  • Launch (or re-launch) a website
  • Plan the content for their project
  • Understand the best marketing options for their business
  • Troubleshoot a variety of technical snafus, including issues with WordPress, hosting, email marketing, and domain transfers
  • Setup Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages
  • Design logos, business cards, flyers and other collateral
  • Create a digital magazine-like brochure to promote their offerings

My clients and I work together for years. I function as an extended part of their team, always keeping an eye out for new ideas that can help their business.

If you’d like to explore what working together could look like, contact me.

About me

At a creative retreat in Tulum, Mexico (February 2014)

Me at a creative retreat in Tulum, Mexico (February 2014)

  • Born and raised in Chicago, IL
  • Mom of two — a preschooler and a toddler
  • Former adjunct professor at DePaul University
  • Internships with: the Chicago Cubs and the Museum of Contemporary Art
  • B.A. in Art & Art History (design concentration) and a minor in Journalism from DePaul University
  • Began my company immediately after college
  • Avid reader
  • Artist, with a rekindled love for painting
  • I wanted to be a Walt Disney animator when I was a kid
  • Former 12″ softball pitcher
  • IHSA State Finals Bowler
  • Diehard Cubs fan
  • Chocolate chip cookie fanatic
  • Personal development junkie
  • Spent 12 years in Los Angeles before returning to Chicago in 2023