daniellebaird.net (finally) re-launches!


Please visit www.daniellebaird.net and leave me some feedback!

Special thanks to everyone that has given me feedback and support along the way:

Ilise Benun, Marketing Mentor
Cindy Lange, the Buzz Division
Jeremy Turkin
Cindy Baird
Kate Webb
Dan Lopez
Emily Serruto
Susannah Hainley
Majid Nolley

Danielle Baird
Danielle Baird

With over a decade of experience, Danielle is a solution-driven creative with a logical mind. If you want to uplevel your brand, Danielle is ready to walk that path with you. After working with online entrepreneurs, small business owners, and some big corporations over the past decade, Danielle is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to take design into their own hands.

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