An exercise in “Show Your Work”


I recently read Austin Kleon’s wonderful book “Show Your Work!: 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered” — which has inspired me to let this unpolished draft website go live.

I’ve been planning to redesign my website for years, but I’ve let client projects and other work come first. There were some tangly backend development issues to sort out, which only aided in my procrastination.

As a designer, I have perfectionistic tendencies. Which is why my last website was “finished” in December 2010. And that iteration was created in 48 hours before a surprise meeting with the Creative Director of the Chicago Bears. It was hand-coded in HTML and CSS, and was a pain to update.

I’ve sketched and researched and doodled new ideas. Nothing felt “good enough.” I sell website services, and a messy website felt unprofessional, so – a few months ago, I pulled down my 2010 site and had a “coming soon” banner instead. I thought it would give me the kick in the pants to get a new site finished.

So, after reading “Show Your Work,” I decided to take a risk, lift the kimono and show what happens when you re-design and re-develop a WordPress site live. I’ll be blogging and documenting my process as this website unfolds over the coming weeks.

Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated.



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