Make the most of the client-designer relationship, and your budget

A client might label their designer as either a professional or an amateur. But, did you know that designers classify their clients the same way?

Even if you have limited (or no) experience working with a professional graphic designer, you can still act like a pro.

The key characteristics of a professional client are:

  • They are well-prepared.
  • They communicate effectively and clearly.
  • They trust that the designer is an expert in their field.

The Bailiwick Company wrote a terrific post: Working with Graphic Designers: Get the Most for Your Money.

Here’s an overview of their tips:

  1. Finalize copy before handing it over to the design team.
  2. Do not make changes piecemeal.
  3. Be specific about what you’re seeking in a design.
  4. If you’re uncertain about what you want, trust the designers.
  5. Identify your audience and your objective.
  6. Collaboration is great, confusion isn’t.
  7. Let the professionals do their job.
  8. The design process should not cause angst.

Read the full article here.

Piecemeal changes, confusing emails, etc. are essentially distractions from the task at hand – to create beautiful, effective work. A process full of distractions is headed for disaster. Expect the budget to take a hit as well.

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What else can clients (or designers) do to keep the project on track and the budget down?

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