Marketing with mud

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I’ve always thought there is something really beautiful about graffiti and street art, but I can’t condone the defacing of public property. (Chicago’s taxes are already way too high.)

This morning, I learned about mud stencils (from Kirk Roberts via the Kernspiracy mailing list) which could be a very unique, eco-friendly way to spread your marketing message. The darkness of the mud feels like black spray paint, and offers more opportunities for high-contrast, eye-catching messaging than sidewalk chalk. Chalk messages were really big on my college campus … I’m curious to see if mud stencils catch on.

Once Chicago thaws out in the spring, I’m really curious to try out this new technique. It’s pretty straightforward: all you need is a stencil cut out of mylar (the same material used for overhead transparency sheets), a sponge or roller, some tape, a bucket, dirt, and water. Draw your design (or print it out) and place a piece of mylar over it. Using an X-acto knife, cut out your stencil. Mix up your batch of mud until it has the consistency of peanut butter (if it is too runny, your design will bleed).  Tape your stencil to a sidewalk or wall and apply the mud using a sponge or roller. Remove the stencil… bam. Marketing with mud.

More inspiration here:

Would you consider commissioning mud stencils for your next project?

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