New Work: The Neo-Futurists

I recently completed this project for the Neo-Futurists, a non-profit theater group in Chicago. Using their existing logo and brand, I developed new business cards and a thank you note.

“The Neo-Futurists don’t really do ‘normal’ plays. Their shows – original works that are more theme-based than plot-based – are brainy and whimsical and so uniquely constructed, you might often find yourself wondering why you ever gave a fart about so-called normal plays.”

— Nina Metz, New City

The Neo’s signature show, Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, (currently in its 21st year) is featured on the back of the card.

The thank you note is 3.5″ x 9″ (fits in a standard #10 envelope) and uses a piece of torn notebook paper as imagery to reinforce the DIY nature of the Neo’s brand.

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Danielle Baird
Danielle Baird

With over a decade of experience, Danielle is a solution-driven creative with a logical mind. If you want to uplevel your brand, Danielle is ready to walk that path with you. After working with online entrepreneurs, small business owners, and some big corporations over the past decade, Danielle is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to take design into their own hands.

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