My Favorite Resources + Helpful Links

A handy collection of the tools and links I recommend the most

Fonts and Typography

Google Fonts - Hundreds of fonts, free to use on your website or download to your computer

Adobe Fonts - Huge selection of high-quality, professional fonts. Requires a Creative Cloud subscription. Unfortunately, they don't offer a "Fonts Only" subscription. Tip: If you don't need all the software, buy their cheapest product (InCopy) for $5.99/mo or $60/yr. The Photography Bundle with Photoshop + Lightroom is also a great deal for $9.99/mo or $120/yr.

Canva Font List - A list of the default fonts included with Canva.

How to Upload Custom Fonts in Canva - You can upload a custom brand font (including Google Fonts or other fonts you own) with their Pro plan.

Color Palettes

Pinterest - Usually my first stop when I'm looking for color palette inspiration. Search for "color palette + [your search term]" (e.g. "color palette masculine" or "color palette orange")

Design Seeds - You'll see plenty of Pinterest pins for this site. It's one of my favorite places to find gorgeous palettes. - An easy-to-use color palette generator. - The BEST tool to find tints and shades of your brand colors. I use this tool constantly and it saves me a ton of guesswork and time.

Stock Photos

Shutterstock - My go-to resource is a paid one. I get really frustrated with how much time it takes to weed through the cheesy options on many of the free sites, and I'd rather spend a few bucks, save time, and get a high-quality image.

That said, here are some free stock photo sites that clients and colleagues have recommended:

Do NOT use Google Image Search and swipe photos from there. You're very likely to wander into a copyright violation. Read the terms of service carefully for your stock photo sites, too. (Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.)

Stock Illustrations and Icons

The Noun Project - I'm obsessed with this incredibly affordable option for high-quality stock icons. They offer à la carte pricing for individual icons ($2.99/each), or you can subscribe to an annual unlimited plan ($39.99/yr).

You can also get an add-on for Google Docs and Google Slides to easily integrate them into your workflow.

Undraw - free, high-quality illustrations available as both vector (SVG) and PNG. You can update the featured color to match your brand, right from your browser. In general, you can use the illustrations in any project, commercial or personal without attribution or any costs. As always, be sure to read the full license.

Image Mockup Generators

Great for elevating simple screenshots of your online courses or other digital products. (Use on opt-ins, sales pages, etc.)

Favorite Tools