Ready to uplevel your brand?

I can help in two ways:

  • By working with you as you learn skills and tools to ultimately do it yourself
  • By doing it for you

"Done with you"

Learn how to do it yourself, with guidance from a professional designer.

In an "Uplevel Your Brand" session, we'll work together to co-create your new brand playbook. We'll also create a few templates to get you started with implementation.

"Done for you"

If you need more support, I can create templates (or complete design projects) for you.

This offer is typically a good fit for someone who has already completed an Uplevel Your Brand session. Or someone with an established brand that they are pretty happy with.

I'm usually not a good fit for one-off, rush projects.

Projects I can help with include:

  • Creating (or updating) a logo for your business
  • Branding/logo design for your course or product
  • WordPress web design
  • eBooks
  • Landing pages
  • Opt-in forms
  • Ultimate Guides
  • Course worksheets
  • Slide decks
  • Podcast artwork
  • Printed handouts for speaking engagements or in-person workshops

Print book design for self-published authors

I also specialize in print book design, particularly for authors who are self-publishing and want to look professional. I typically accept 1 or 2 book projects per year.

Titles I've designed include:

Sound like we might be a good fit?

Call me at (323) 545-6730 or send me an email at to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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