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Is this image big enough? Image resolution and DPI explained

Almost every time I receive a picture from a client, they ask, “Is this image big enough?” If it isn’t, the jargon begins to fly: resolution (or “res”), pixels, pixelated, screen resolution, print resolution, DPI, PPI … whew! Clients are often confused because the image looks fine on their computer and they can’t understand why…

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Anyone who says, “Looks don’t matter,” is a liar

Perhaps the salon owner was running late that morning, and didn’t have much time to put herself together. But the black stretch pants, baggy black t-shirt and Ugg boots basically said, “I don’t care.” At least, that’s what it said to me. I suppose it has the same effect if a website hasn’t been well-maintained — your inaction sends a powerful message — “I don’t care.”

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What’s this gibberish? A look at lorem ipsum

Ideally, when a graphic designer begins working on a project (in any medium) all of the content will be ready. In reality, this is rarely the case. Typical scenario [on a Monday afternoon]: I need this PDF info sheet finished by Friday morning. The text? No, it’s not ready yet. The Marketing Department is writing…

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If it’s ugly, blame the designer. Not the client.

Making beautiful work matters to design legend, Saul Bass*, and it matters to me. “You can get much more quickly to an answer if you don’t worry about those things [making it beautiful]. It costs every designer money to make it beautiful. It means you have to spend more time, you have to futz with…

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